About Us

About Us

About String 'n Swing Tennis

Since 1972, String 'n Swing has built a legacy of service and expertise in tennis while offering up the finest in merchandise, apparel, equipment and accessories. Our two locations, in Memphis and Nashville are locally owned, managed, and staffed by tennis players.

In Memphis, String 'n Swing Tennis has over 5700 square feet of nothing but tennis.

Our Nashville location in the heart of Brentwood carries an incredible selection of tennis apparel, equipment and accessories.

Our Staff are coaches, players, managers and participants in tournaments and league tennis events in the city, state and national level.

Marr Greer
  • Matt Grear
  • Store Manager - Memphis
Jennifer Magee
  • Jennifer Magee
  • Marketing Manager
Gary Greer
  • Gary Grear
  • CEO