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Tennis racquets of all sizes, shapes and ages are strung by members of the String n Swing staff, who are experienced and highly trained. All stringing is done on the Prince 7000 machine, the finest stringing machine on the market.
The string in your racquet is the most important piece of equipment that you have in tennis and it's the most neglected. Many players wait until they break a string before having their racquet restrung, when in fact their strings have probably been dead for months.
We carry virtually every brand of string and every type of string and are experts on natural gut, with multiple brands, types and thickness in inventory.

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Try Before You Buy

We have one of the largest racquet inventories in the land and every racquet has at least on demo to try out. And our staff has attended many racquet symposiums taught by the smartest racquet technicians around and can assist in your selection. We charge a non-refundable demo fee at each store. You are then able to take one racquet at a time out to hit with and then bring it back and try another one. You can try as many racquets as you like for 30 days. Once you have made your racquet selection, we deduct the entire demo fee from your racquet purchase. If you decide not to purchase a racquet, we will give you store credit for you demo fee, good at both stores with a total of 8000 square feet of nothing but tennis.

Our Memphis store has a demo court within the store with a ball machine, a great place to try the racquets out before you purchase or demo.