Imagine that you witnessed the murder of an innocent woman and that you were too paralyzed with fear to lift a finger to help.

That is Kasey Riteman's dilemma.

Kasey's life has been in a downward spiral since her parents were killed. Hoping to vent her growing anger and frustration, she drives aimlessly into the nighttime countryside, hoping to find some answers.

However, when her old car quits running, stranding her on a desolate road in the middle of nowhere, she inadvertently finds herself the undetected witness to the murder-for-hire of a local celebrity. She immediately realizes that if she tells the authorities what she has seen, her life as the lone eyewitness will be measured in mere hours. Yet, having done nothing to help, she knows she must now, somehow, seek justice for the murdered woman.

Suddenly, a solution presents itself, an ingenious scheme so perfect it promises to make the killer pay while offering complete protection for Kasey. At first everything goes according to plan, but an explosion of media attention turns Kasey into a national celebrity while simultaneously implicating the state's most powerful politician in a career-ending scandal.

More dangerously, Kasey is unaware that the men to whom she has gone for help are the very men responsible for the woman's assassination.


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