Flu Mist (LAIV)

FluMist is back on the 2020-2021 influenza vaccine schedule.

LAIV (Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine) is an alternative to the injected influenza vaccine (a normal flu shot). LAIV contains the live but attenuated (weakened) influenza virus, and is sprayed into the nostrils. People who receive the Flu Mist or any live vaccination must wait 4 weeks before receiving another live vaccine.

FluMist vs. Flu Shot

FluMist is given as a gentle nasal mist. It's a quick spray in each nostril, one of the places where the flu virus enters the body.

Once administered by your healthcare provider, FluMist helps your body develop proteins called antibodies that help protect you from the flu.

Like the chicken pox vaccine, FluMist is a weakened live virus vaccine. That means it is made from a live virus that has been designed not to cause the flu.

Important Safety and Eligibility Information

Who may be eligible for FluMist?

FluMist is a vaccine approved for the prevention of certain types of influenza disease in children, adolescents, and adults 2-49 years of age. FluMist may not protect everyone who gets it. FluMist is for intranasal administration only.

Who may not be able to get FluMist?

FluMist is not right for everyone. FluMist must not be given to: people with history of hypersensitivity to eggs, egg proteins, gentamicin, gelatin, or arginine; people with life-threatening reactions to previous influenza vaccinations; and children and adolescents receiving aspirin or aspirin-containing therapy.

Children less than 24 months of age are not eligible for FluMist.

The following people may not take FluMist:

  • people with asthma or active wheezing, or children less than 5 years of age with recurrent wheezing;

  • people with a history of Guillain-Barre syndrome;

  • people with a weakened immune system;

  • people with long-term medical conditions including heart disease, kidney disease, and metabolic diseases, such as diabetes;

  • and pregnant women.

If your child falls into one of these groups, be sure to tell your healthcare provider. They will decide if FluMist is right for your child.

What are the most common side effects of FluMist?

Most common side effects included a runny nose or nasal congestion, a mild sore throat or fever.

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