Gardasil 9/HPV Vaccine

Gardasil 9/HPV Vaccine prevents several different strains of Human Papillomavirus (HPV). Gardasil-9 prevents many cancers caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) infections, including: cervical cancer in females, vaginal and vulvar cancers in females, and anal cancer in females and males. In addition to these cancers, Gardasil-9 also prevents GENITAL WARTS in both FEMALES and MALES. In the U.S., about 12,000 women get cervical cancer every year, and about 4,000 women die from it. Gardasil-9 can prevent most of these cancers. HPV infection usually comes from sexual contact, and most people will become infected at some point in their life. About 14 million Americans get infected every year. Many infections will go away and not cause serious problems. But thousands of women and men get cancer and diseases from HPV.

Gardasil is given as a three shot series: One now, 2nd shot in 2 months after first dose and the last vaccination 6 months after the first shot.
ACIP Recommends Two-dose Regimen for HPV Vaccine. The ACIP reviewed data from clinical trials showing two doses of HPV vaccine in younger adolescents (ages 9-14) produced an immune response similar to or higher than the response in young adults (ages 16-26) who received three doses. The FDA approved adding a two-dose schedule for HPV9 for adolescents ages 9-14. One now, second dose in 6 months.

Gardasil is indicated for Boys and Girls 9-26 years of age.

Gardasil should not be taken by pregnant women.

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